Alone in the dark – remake

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Game Designer

After Alone in the Dark, I worked on a smaller project for the Xbla/PSN/Steam.

A narrative, adventure, horror game. the remake of Alone in the Dark original.

Unfortunately, this project never came out. For political and economical reason.
It was in the middle of big changes in ATARI, after the unsuccessful release of Alone in the Dark.

We were a team of 5 people. 1 programmer, 1 animator, 1 graphic artist, 2 designers.

I was a designer, and the other was one of my Cinematic team from Alone in the Dark V.

He was in charge of the gameplay and the artistic direction of the game, and I was in charge of directing it and giving the cinematic & narrative feel.
We both work on the Game Design and the Level Design of the game. Finding inspiration in the original but injecting a modern twist.

We had to start from scratch, defining Gameplay rules to designing and building the levels, finding the art direction, managing the production of assets.

After 4 years of production of Alone in the Dark, we finally had good proprietary tools, we were ready and experienced. We did a great job in a short time.

The game had a lot of potential, and we had some good feedback from Sony.

It really was great experience, but at the wrong moment for the company.